Blood Cleanse Tea

An energising blend of herbs rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish and detoxify the blood and organs  from any metals or other toxins deposited in the kidneys, liver, bowel and blood. As well as being extremely alkalising for the blood; organic Nettle, Burdock Root, Astragalus Root, Red Clover and Amla Berry plus more combine to deliver your body an immune shielding remedy to support fat loss, prevent risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer as well as lethargy and mineral  deficiency. It’s earthy flavour is well balanced with Lemongrass, Indian Gooseberry and notes of natural Elderberry sweetness.

For best results

drink 1-3 cups by afternoon. Avoid during pregnancy and early breastfeeding.


Burdock Root, Astragalus Root, Nettle, Dandelion Leaf, Elderberry, Yellow Dock, Amla Berry, Lemongrass, Red Clover, Sarsaparilla Root.

Available in loose leaf or organic cotton tea bags

  • Loose leaf packets are 85g and can make up to 80-90 cups
  • Tea bag packets contain 15 large tea bags which can be used to brew 1-3 cups each



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