Heartical Tea

An all around wholistic herbal blend to nourish the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Hibiscus Petals, Sacred Indian Tulsi and Juniper berries are highly revered in the east for their vast spectrum of healing abilities, especially boosting the functions of the heart, improving blood circulation, strengthening the arteries of the heart and regulating body temperature. This tea will also support the body in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The tart flavours of hibiscus is rounded off with the deep centred taste of Sacred Indian Tulsi and the fruity taste of Juniper Berries. A blend for all seasons and all occasions whether enjoyed hot or cold.

For best results

Drink 2-3 cups per day. Avoid during early pregnancy.


Hibiscus, Juniper Berry, Sacred Indian Tulsi

Available in loose leaf or organic cotton tea bags

  • Loose leaf packets are 85g and can make up to 80-90 cups
  • Tea bag packets contain 15 large tea bags which can be used to brew 1-3 cups each



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