Organic hand-made herbal tea blends to support your health & wellbeing – Naturally

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Herbal Tea Blends by Ital Life Wellness

Herbs for life blended with love & intention

by Ital Life Wellness

Greetings! We are Ital Life Wellness. A young business, a health and wellbeing movement, a family based in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland on Gubbi Gubbi country.

Ital is vital. To be Ital is to enhance life-force energy by eating/consuming only natural, living, vital, plant based foods & frequencies. To live in harmony & balance with life & lore of nature & to acknowledge equality & divinity in all sisters, brothers & sentient beings here on Earth.

We humbly invite you to make space in daily life for our eight unique organic herbal tea blends to elevate your health and wellbeing on every level. Join our mailing list community and stay connected as we grow and expand our offerings in Wholistic Yoga, conscious music & plant based culinary events for the youth and families of all ages to be shared at Ital Life Farm & Dub Garden.

Water is Life

Humans are made up of water; so to infuse, alkalise & enrich your life-giving water with the vital goodness of herbal vitamins and minerals is a simple and effective way to not only healing, but maintaining and nourishing the sacred gift of health & vitality.

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